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Free Health Camp at Bahbangama

Organizing regular health camps is crucial for ensuring that people in rural areas have access to essential healthcare services, especially specialized care in the field of dermatology. On April 20th, 2024, a team of doctors from DI Skin Hospital, led by renowned specialists Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Jha, Prof. Dr. Shristi Shrestha, and Dr. Padma Tuladhar partnered with STRAPAL to hold a camp at the Lohana Health Checkpost in Dhanusa district. Supported by nurses, administrative staff, and well-wishers from DISHARC, the camp provided vital medical services to the local population. The presence of specialized care in the village not only allowed for diagnoses but also facilitated seamless referrals to city hospitals for further treatment, significantly improving long-term treatment outcomes. These initiatives play a critical role in bridging the healthcare gap for rural Nepalese communities who often face significant challenges in accessing specialized care. Below are a few photographs that capture the journey and its impact.