DISHARC has responsibilities to provide quality dermatology care/community dermatology service to all citizens of the country in affordable price. There is a big demand of qualified doctors in the field of dermatology and DISHARC has to play important role to fulfill the need of such manpower (medical, paramedical) by starting post graduate degree in dermatology with the affiliation of national and internationally famous universities and focus on research on relevant subject and publish in different journals to provide better care in dermatology.


  • Provide quality skin care service in dermatology to all patients.  
  • Start post graduate and derma nursing with the affiliation of internationally recognized universities.
  • Publish research articles based on scientific research to improve the quality of Dermatology care in this region.

Philosophy of DISHARC

Declaration :

Words spoken may be a lie,
Words written may also be a lie,
Words from soul through the eyes never be a lie!


First priority to the institution,
Second priority, to the dedicated team of the institution,
Then third priority, to the self and money as a byproduct!


Where there is a real good system,
Once broken should be called corruption,
Where the system itself is corrupted,
Such system should be broken for
The real creative and productive work!


Humbleness does not mean weakness,
Speechless may not be a guilty,
Truth may be crushed, but never be cursed!


Goodwill of the patients and other organizations,
Confidence among the consultants and staffs of the institution,

Experience to lead the institution as a center of excellence in near future!


Following the path of,
Constructive and creative goal for the humanity,
Honesty in favor of the patient’s care,
Efforts for gaining efficiency and dedication to achieve ultimate goal to serve the patients and the country.


Honored to serve out patients,
Thankful to the promoters, consultants, managers, officers, nursing and admin staffs of DISHARC

- Prof. Dr. Anil Kumar Jha