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A pathologists is a medical doctor with additional training in laboratory techniques used to study disease. Pathologists may work in a lab alongside scientists with special medical training. Pathologists study tissues and other materials taken from the body. A dermatopathologist specializes in hair, nail and skin tissue.

Prof. Dr. Ram Chandra Adhikari is our consultant pathologist. At our center we also provide laboratory services for various routine and special tests. Our team of Consultant pathologist and paramedics are capable of providing quality services.

  • SERUM ALLERGY TEST: Patients with long term allergies can test for the most common 80 types of allergens including food items, plants, dust mites etc… with a single blood sample provided.
  • Skin biopsy & Histopathological report: skin biopsy is a diagnostic tool for various dermatological cases which can be done by our team of dermatologist and pathologist.

DI Skin Hospital And Referral Center DISHARC  was established in 2009 at Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, Nepal as the first skin hospital and research center in Nepal. 

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